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Prince Rupert Youth Rugby Kicks Off The New Year With New Gear


PRINCE RUPERT, BRITISH COLUMBIA — The Prince Rupert Seamen Rugby Club, Port of Prince Rupert and School District 52 have teamed up to provide a new training program for the youth rugby program and Charles Hays Secondary’s high school rugby teams.  

The collaborative development of the youth rugby program provides new training and field equipment, a new storage container, and ‘Rookie Rugby’ resource kits which includes training curriculum, drills, lesson plans, and game information designed to improve the development of youth rugby in schools.  The Port of Prince Rupert’s Community Investment Fund was used to match other community donations to fund the purchase of the equipment.

The Prince Rupert Seamen Rugby Club have been dedicated to partnering with Charles Hays to support the boys and girls rugby teams, and have seen a strong increase in youth involvement in the sport since its high school reintroduction in 2010.  The program has created new opportunities for local youth players to participate at local, regional and provincial levels, including invitations for some local youth to compete at a national level. 

The enhancement of the program allows the club and the School District to continue to grow these invaluable sport-based life skills and experiences for local youth and aspiring new players, and enables an expansion of the program to athletes in new schools and community programs in Prince Rupert and neighbouring First Nations communities on the North Coast. 

The Port of Prince Rupert invested $24,215 into the project through its Community Investment Fund. The Rookie Rugby program represents another community legacy project supported by the Fund. 

“The Community Investment Fund is an invaluable tool for the Port to give back to the community by supporting legacy projects.  Strong community programs provide strong life skills that our youth can benefit from for years to come,” said Irene Mills, Community Relations Coordinator for the Port of Prince Rupert.  “Our thanks go out to this project’s volunteers and contributors for their dedication and contribution to the on-going skill development and expansion of the rugby program in our community.” 

“The development of youth in our community through the sport of rugby has been a focus of the Prince Rupert Seamen Rugby Club for the past 15 years.  The collaboration with School District 52, the support of the PRPA and other partners will allow the opportunity for more athletes to grow and develop both on and off the field,” said Cody Curry, President, Prince Rupert Rugby Club. “Rugby is a powerful tool to build confidence, skills and friendships that our youth can use to achieve their full potential.”

“The Port of Prince Rupert has been an exceptional community member with its ongoing financial support of School District 52 initiatives, and shows how community can collaborate and share resources to increase opportunities for our students,” said Irene LaPierre, Superintendent, School District 52.  “Our students now get the expertise and direct support of the Prince Rupert Rugby squad combined with a full complement of safely stored rugby equipment.”

“Often the most intimidating part of rugby for new players is the physical nature of the sport – these young men and woman may have never tackled before or had to grab onto each other for scrumming and rucking,” said Amanda Barney, Head Coach of the CHSS Hurricanes Girls team. “Having the tackling dummies, rucking pads and scrum machine means that they can safely learn the correct body positions in a controlled environment. The skills and confidence that comes with it will pay dividends on the field.”

“It’s good to have new, quality training equipment to use with the high school teams and a clean dry place to store things right at the field. No one wants to use old, beat-up gear and kids new to the sport will judge a sports program based on how the training facilities and equipment look,” said Andy Enns, Head Coach of the CHSS Hurricanes Boys team. “Having the storage container onsite makes everything much more accessible for both the players and coaches, raising the level of professionalism and adding an air of respectability to the program.”

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The Prince Rupert Seamen Rugby Club was formed in 1970s, with creation of both men’s and women’s teams. Rugby was restarted in the high school with a boys’ team in 2010, and a girls’ team in 2015. Over the last 40 years the senior team has seen hundreds of players partake, with growth continuing.  


The Community Investment Fund is financed by a share of the Port’s annual net income that has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of the North Coast. By investing these funds into community projects, led mostly by dedicated local volunteers, the Port has been able to share its financial success with the communities that enable it. Since 2010, over 9.2 million dollars have been committed to the Fund, helping to make over 60 new local projects come to life. Each of these projects has filled an important role in supporting sports, recreation, performing arts, health, education, the environment and other needs in the community.

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